Anti virus protection

Our servers are equipped with a powerful security system, which stops viruses, Trojans, worms and other malicious bugs aimed at disrupting websites and emails. All our servers are protected by a constantly running anti-virus software, which operates in the background and which does not affect the performance of the servers.

Our Skills

We have a range of skills that assures our clients that we can serve their problems even complex one in very little shor of time.Regardless of how big the task is we are sure we can solve it in no time.

Supports WordPress

Our hosting supports wordPress which means the web applications developed using wordPress can run smothly in our hosting platform and we offer full range of tools necessary to develop wordPress.

Website Optimization

Evolving and expanding website to meet ever-changing demands from consumers and business users is a challange. We offer a full range of services addressing everything from technology deployment.

Data Enctyption

We use best available data encryption algorthim to make sure all customer data are safe as much as possible, we make sure your data are as secure as much as possible hence data are more secure.

vCenter Service

vCenter Server provides unified management of all vSphere hosts and virtual machines in the datacenter from a single console.

More Features

Munde Hosting Company provides programming and hosting services. We create user friendly solutions to very complex problems. Companies include our work in their core product offerings. Our teams are responsible for the development of major commercial software products and web applications.

Search Engine Optimisation

We provide best SEO services and this ensures that your website can be found in all major search engines, Google ,Bing,Yahoo etc.

Highest Data Security

We are concerned with policies adopted to prevent and monitor unauthorized access, misuse, modification, or denial of user data.Data security involves the authorization of access to data, which is controlled by the network administrator.

Domain Name Registration

A domain name gives you a unique identity of your own on the net, it adds credibility to your business or project and gives it a professional image.

Website Design

We do conceptualizing, planning, and build a collection of electronic files that determine the layout, colors, text styles, structure, graphics, images, and use of interactive features that deliver pages to your site visitors

Munde Host Guarantee

We deliver more reliable applications in shorter time frames using our iterative "Start Platform" process. It enables you to achieve best case results even when you do not have specifications or your specifications start out vague and change often.


We make the hosting affordable as much as possible to all groups of enterprise and people by lowering our cost without affecting the quality of the service we provide to our clients.

Secured Databases

We treat users data in high care hence our hosting platform offer highest database security in order to ensure maximum security of users databases and no data can be accessed illegally.

Numerous Domains

we have every domain you may need or think off.We do register both local domains as well as international domain just to gurantee our customer with best domain registration service.

Our Hostings

Our hosting are designed to meet the advanced hosting needs of developers who are not yet ready to move on to a server solution. The plan comes with a host of advanced features like SSH access, a dedicated IP address and a set of web accelerators that will help you improve your site's loading speed and search rankings.

Dedicated Hosting

    We prevent any DDOS attacks that may arise


    If you want to focus more on developing your website and on running your business, you will have very little time for routine server management procedures. This is why, we can take the load off your shoulders and carry out all OS updates for you.


    Thanks to the root access that we provide with each configuration, you'll be able to install and set up additional software on your server whenever you need to.

Shared Hosting
  • Powerful, Fast Servers

    We use cloud bases fast servers for shared hosting, to ensure maximum availability.

  • Superior technology

    We use latest technology, that enable website to be available and accessible all time.

  • Remote MySQL Access

    Thanks to the remote MySQL access included with the plan, you can remotely access the database server from home

VPS Hosting

    A dedicated server requires constant attention. Are all critical services running? Is the server overloaded? Is the whole machine overheated? To save you the time required to perform server monitoring procedures, we can take care of this cumbersome task for you.

  • Outstanding reliability

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    Taking care of the content on your server is crucial. We offer a secure off-site location where you will be able to store a backup of your files and databases. With 50 GB of disk space available to you.